FAQ's: Sticky Tablet Holder

 We recommend to use the Sticky pads in dry, solid, firm, and strong areas; avoid overheated surfaces. Please read all FAQ before using this product.


  1. How strong is the hook and loop fastening performance? Per Lab test Results: A 2 inch overlapped length of hook and loop material is pulled in shear until separation. The force required for separation of the product is recorded at 40.2 lb. However, we recommend not using tablets weighing more than 2.5 lbs (Most mid-large tablets weight 1.2lb +/-)
  2. How strong is the adhesive back connection? Per Lab test Results: A 1 inch length of both hook and loop material is attached to two separate stainless steel test surfaces. The force required for separation is recorded at 13.8 lb. However, we recommend not using tablets weighing more than 2.5 lbs (Most mid-large tablets weight 1.2lb +/-)
  3. How is your product quality? Product material is smooth and continuous, free of imperfections such as inconsistent adhesive coverage, tears or bubbles.
  4. Can I remove the adhesive sticky pads from my device and/or its accessories? We have been able to remove the sticky pads from our tested devices; please note that it is removable as long as is a solid surface such as plain glass, plastic, steel, metal and/or ceramic.​ 
  5. Can I return the item? We accept Returns – Please see our Terms/Return Policy, and/or email us at contactus@humpsol.com; but please note that all items in promotional price are final sale.
  6. What type of weather conditions does the fastener support? Works in regular weather conditions and some water splash won’t damage its functions. Product have not been tested in extreme weather conditions (too hot and/or too cold). However, we do not recommend to stick any pad in an overheated surface.
  7. Does the product provide a lifetime warranty? No, after extended use and/or if product shows wear it is recommended to replace product.
  8. What surfaces can I select for sticking the adhesive back pads? It is recommended to use only strong solid surfaces like real wood, strong glass, plastic, metal, steel and/or ceramics. “painted” “Cracked” surfaces might not work and they might incur damage; especially if someone pulls strongly to separate the device from the selected surface. (It is suggested to disconnect slowly by twisting the device)
  9. How can I make sure the product is safely installed? Make sure product is firmly attached to your device & to the selected area prior to connecting firmly both ends; We suggest to test firmness and stickiness with your hands prior its use.
  10. How to detach device from the selected surface? Once you have connected your device to your selected area; please remove slowly; we suggest twisting to either left or right while disconnecting your device from the holding and/or mounting surface.
  11. Can I stick the pads to rusty, dusty, old, over painted, wet, humid and/or to very hot surfaces? Not recommended.