Headquartered in Lima-Peru & California-USA: Human Products Solutions (A.K.A HUMPSOL) is a Product Development and strategic sourcing company.

We offer a wide range of product development support and strategic sourcing that can be customized to meet your new product needs. Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your business goals.

We aim to present quality products, materials and packaging options on time, the way you want it, and on budget; providing always optimal results.

Our Commitment

We like to operate around the clock and around the world; solving all complexities of International business transactions, and the search of the right material for your product development needs. Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a big company just let us know how we can help you! We will support your business for whatever your project is.

We use a “One of A Kind Approach” for global supply chain connects; Working with us your business will benefit with an unparalleled network of manufacturers, materials, technology, logistic solutions and even international talent bringing greater comparative advantage to your business.

We will always stay on budget; into this planning, all managerial events are organized and detailed with all tactical and operational information, requirements, specifications, negotiation, time frames, quality, logistics, and confidentiality.


We Offer Product Development Support

& Material Sourcing