Product Description: Sticky Tablet Holder  will help you to instantly "hold and mount" up to 3 tablets and Cell phones in your top favorite places! Using high-quality and the strongest sticky back fastener technology; specially designed and tested to securely hold and mount the tablets and smartphones in multiple places!

How it Works: Simply stick our advance fastener technology as an "add-on feature" to the back of your device! Each box will allow you to connect up to 3 devices! and works mostly with all phones, tablets, and/or its cases! It's almost unnoticeable, smooth, and resist some water, humidity, sweaty hands, and also some heat! Very Easy to connect and disconnect!

Get More for your Money: Our Product also includes a Vehicle Strap; to mount your tablet or cell phone INSTANTLY inside your vehicle; fits most passenger's visor or Headrest. 

Add the SMART holder to your Phone-Case, Phone & Tablet!!


HUMPSOL (Human Products Solutions) specializes in the development of new consumer products, kits, and alternatives that will simplify your life with practical solutions to your daily needs, as well as high-quality food product alternatives. 

We keep it simple! No difficult algorithms or hard-to-use products here!  HUMPSOL uses high-quality raw technologies "In a Different Way" providing simple, but extremely efficient solutions.

HUMPSOL Embraces the "Weird" that Makes Each One of Us Particularly Unique, Different, and Special in Our Own Way.


Each box provides 3 sets of stickies for up to 3 devices + the strap!